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Heinz Nessmann
In 1987 Heinz Nessmann founded Assprint GmbH. In 1990 the company was renamed to Nessmann GmbH.
1987 our first cut plates, STRIP PLATE®, for UV varnish und water varnish came onto the market. They where suitable for indirect varnishing.
1990 we manufactured the first varnishing plates for direct varnishing. All plates were based on aluminium and suitable for most Europe common formats. Through several technical improvements our development reached today's quality.
1996 varnishing plates based on a compound plastic came onto the market as well.

we developed a plate based on polyester called STRIP PLATE® POLY which was produced in different sizes.

2003 we extended our product line by manufacturing self-adhesive PVC foiles in rolls, called SPOT COAT foils. When used as varnishing dies they were adhered on alumimum or polyester foils and cut out on demand. For indirect varnishing SPOT COAT 50 TR is dedicated for UV varnish and SPOT COAT 50 WM for watery varnishes. SPOT COAT 100 is dedicated for direct varnishing for UV varnishes and watery varnishes.
2007 New Innovation: SPOT COAT 800 TR replaces SPOT COAT 100
2010 The company will be continued by Hildegard and Alexandra Nessmann
Our market consists of 50% Export und 50% German market. STRIP PLATE® and SPOT COAT are used by larger fold box producers mostly.

Strip Plate®  
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