NESSMANN - Coating plates  
  for spots in coating on offset presses  

Our STRIP PLATE® is a double lay plate for cutting out, for an effective and economical use in the packaging-, catalogue- and color printing, where is necessary to have a high quality coating with spots. The method of process out of the press is easy and quick. During the plate making it's not necessary to stop the press, an easy setting up in the press and no washing stops during the press in move are the advantages of our spot coating plate.

Water-based acrylic coatings and UV drying coating are suitable for all our spot coating plates. The surface is designed with ink-repellent finish, preventing the build-up of ink and reducing the washing intervals by as much as 99%. An excellent coating with sharp edges distinguishes the STRIP PLATE®. Print runs of as much as 500,000 and more can be reached.

Processing should preferably be made with a CAD plotter, but is also feasible with our blue line FOTOCOAT and for manual cutting out.


STRIP PLATE® 5 L Indications
STRIP PLATE® 13 KR SPOT COAT Technical specifications

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