STRIP PLATEŽ 5 L for the indirect coating application via damping systems and ink units.

The base plate is made of aluminium in web-offset quality. The surface consists of a soft PVC coating with a 85°Shore hardness 0.55 mm in thickness. The relatively soft surface prevents the blanket and the application roller from being cut.

STRIP PLATEŽ 5 L 95: The base plate is made of aluminium 0.40 mm in thickness, total thickness 0.95 mm. The resulting relief depth of 0.55 mm is exactly right for a clean coating with excellent edge sharpness. All formats can be supplied.

STRIP PLATEŽ 5 L 85: The base plate is made of 0.30 mm aluminium and is sufficient for use in small and medium-sized offset presses up to a maximum size of 840 x 1050 mm, especially for bearer-to-bearer presses.

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