The benefits of the STRIP PLATEŽ 13 KR and POLY

The STRIP PLATEŽ 13 KR and STRIP PLATEŽ POLY must be assembled with a soft packing on the cylinder. Best use an underlay blanket between 0.50 and 2.20 mm in thickness. We supply all adhesive or non-adhesive underlay blankets in thicknesses ranging from 0.50 mm to 2.20 mm.

Keep in mind that the STRIP PLATEŽ works differently from a blanket. The blanket is pressed on the initial cylinder edge, while the STRIP PLATEŽ is not. The transmission roller can therefore jump over the edge and emerges a hollow line parallel to the initial blue line.

To avoid this bounce effect, strip away the blue layer from the base plate from the initial cylinder edge area to just short of the beginning of the print area. To protect the front edge of the plate, reinforce the cutting edge with our edge protection. Some of the printing area requires this system, in others it is optional.

Washing solution:
The ink-repellent surface reduces the washing intervals by as much as 99%, only varnish residues need to be removed. Benzines and ink solvers must not be used. Recommended agents include ethylglycol, ethyl alcohol, isopropanol without water addition for UV varnishes; 50-70% of water should be added to water-based varnishes. Special UV varnish washing solutions must not be used because they tend to dissolve the plastic.

The advantages of our STRIP PLATEŽ:

  • The coating is smooth and gains in glossy appearance
  • No ink build-up, even with difficult inks.
  • No washing stops, therefore no quality losses in the coating
  • For all varnishes, light acrylic coatings and UV drying coats
  • The edges remain sharp and clean, also over long print runs
  • High solidity of impressions, also for repeat jobs in all offset presses
  • Suitable for Anilox roller with blade
  • Plate making made quick and easy by cutting on the CAD plotter
  • Cutting by hand with the help of the blue line copy system FOTOCOAT
  • Surface cuts to a depth of 80% are sufficient
  • Easy peeling off of the PVC foil with help of our electric plate heater
  • Excellent price-performance ratio.

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