STRIP PLATE® POLY for direct coat application in coating units with and without Anilox roller.

This new kind of varnishing plate for cutting by hand or on CAM-plotter is on a base of 0,35 mm thick polyester. The STRIP PLATE® POLY is more flexible than an aluminium base plate. The total thickness are various from 1,15 to 1,35 mm with various relief from 0,80 and 1,00 mm one thickness, the POLY is transparent. All plates are with an anti ink building up surface. Another advantage is that it's no need to use a heater table for stripping out operation, because the base plate is so smooth that the adhesion is some lighter, but is strong enough for long runs.

The STRIP PLATE® POLY can be used on all machines with direct coating, but is also suitable for machines with clamping bars for blankets. The plate can be equipped with all current bars.

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